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Failure Analysis Lab- Essential Guide to Choosing the Right Lab

When you have a company or business, it’s essential to ensure your employees ‘ safety for the success of their daily operations. One of the processes that allows this to happen is failure analysis. This is especially true when you’re in the manufacturing, aerospace, nuclear, and pharmaceutical industry. You need to immediately determine and solve any mechanical or electrical failure. Knowing the real cause of the problem is essential in order to avoid the same error to happen again.

When it comes to correctly identifying the real cause of the problem, a reliable failure analysis lab is the best way to help. While they ensure they get into the root cause, they also give you valuable corrective actions. In this way, you’re confident that the same problem won’t occur again.

Are you looking for a failure analysis lab? We’ll, you’re in the right place. Below are some of the tips you must know when picking the best failure analysis lab among the many options that you have. Take time to read each of them.

#1. How long is their experience in failure analysis? As mentioned earlier, failure analysis identifies and analysis the real cause of possible mechanical and electrical failures. The good thing working with the experienced companies is that they don’t only accurately determine the root cause, but also gives recommendations on how to correct and prevent the same problem in the future. They can help improve your maintenance practices, revise training techniques, change possible designs, and many more. The failure analysis lab are going to make thorough inspections and analysis to make sure they identify the real problem.

#2. What are the tools and equipment they’re using? To ensure that they provide you with the most reliable services, the lab must make use of extensive quality tools and equipment. A failure analysis lab that utilizes advanced tools can accurately identify the failure’s cause. Before they are going to use the equipment, they’re going to conduct a visual inspection first in order to get all the important document and findings.

#3. Do they provide a detailed report? You don’t only need a lab that gives you accurate analysis and uses the best tools and equipment. But, you also need a company that provides you with a complete and detailed report regarding their failure analysis. To know if they can provide you with what you exactly need, it’s best to ask for sample reports. In this way, you’ll have a better idea on how much detailed their reports can be.

#4. Do they have the best personnel? Finally, you have to check if the company have the best team or personnel who are going to work with your problem. Of course, this critical job can’t just be trusted to anyone else. This should be handled only by the best to ensure thay you get the best quality work. Also, they must be well experienced. In this way, you can trust that they exactly know what they’re doing. There must be an engineer in the team who has a good background, high level or experience and expertise, and wide understanding on the failures components. Take note, only the best team can help you best with this matter.

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